GoPro's new Player + ReelSteady app adds stabilization and 360 tools

Other features include lens correction and 360 MAX features.


GoPro has unveiled Player + ReelSteady, a replacement for the GoPro Player app with added technology from GoPro's acquisition of ReelSteady. The new app introduces ReelSteady tools that let you stabilize most GoPro footage, including HyperSmooth shots. It works in real time, with "the ability to view the full-quality stabilized shot as soon as your video loads," GoPro wrote in a press release.

ReelSteady Go has been a popular app with the FPV drone crowd, which used it to smooth out flight videos and add cinematic effects. GoPro purchased the company in March 2020, promising to integrate the tech "across the GoPro App ecosystem to enhance the cinematic output of your content." GoPro initially sold ReelSteady Go separately, but it's now been discontinued and replaced by the Player + ReelSteady app.

Rather than using scene analysis like other apps to stabilize shots, ReelSteady uses gyro data directly from GoPro cameras. Previously, ReelSteady did not work with HyperSmooth footage (the setting needed to be disabled) but the Player + ReelSteady app now supports it. On the Player + ReelSteady product page, GoPro shows that you can achieve even smoother stabilization by combining the two (above).

Along with the stabilization features, the app lets you remove wide-angle lens curvature using ReelSteady, GoPro said. It also comes with a batch export feature to queue "hundreds of files" for export, the ability to reframe 360 MAX content, a player for regular and 360 content, the ability to do frame grabs and a trim function for editing.

It's now available for Mac and PC, with a $100 in-app purchase required to unlock the ReelSteady and Lens Correction features. However, existing ReelSteady Go customers "can use their existing activation key to redeem a free upgrade to the new GoPro Player + ReelSteady," the company wrote.

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