'God of War' gets a 60 fps and 4K patch for PS5 tomorrow

The upgrade is free.

Santa Monica Studio / Sony

One of the PlayStation 4’s best exclusives is finally getting a next-gen upgrade. Sony will release a free PS5 optimization patch for 2018’s God of War tomorrow, giving you an excuse to replay the game before its sequel comes out later this year. With the update, the console will render the title at 60 frames per second and 4K by default. If you played God of War on a PS4 Pro, you might remember you could set the game to either target a 4K resolution or a smoother frame rate. The PS5 gives you the best of both those options. If for whatever reason you want to play the game at 30 frames per second, you can do so by selecting the new Original Performance Experience option.

The interesting side note to all this is that you could technically already run the game at 60 frames per second and 4K if you owned it on a disc and stopped your PlayStation 5 from downloading any updates for it. God of War shipped with an unlocked frame rate, which developer Santa Monica Studio later changed in a patch to smooth out inconsistent performance on the PS4. Now there’s no need for that workaround.