Gogoro teams with Foxconn to make its e-scooters available worldwide

You might soon ride a moped with a hot-swappable battery.

REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

Gogoro hasn't been shy about wanting to offer its scooters with swappable batteries beyond existing markets like Taiwan, and it just struck a deal to help make that happen. The mobility company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with manufacturing giant Foxconn to "accelerate" international expansion for Smartscooters. The two will work together on vehicle engineering, smart battery tech and production, giving Gogoro more room to focus on design, tech development and distributing its creations.

The two didn't say when they expected their team-up to produce results. There was also no mention of Gogoro's e-bikes.

Gogoro built its reputation in Taiwan, but has been gradually spreading its reach to other countries. It recently unveiled expansion plans for India and mainland China. The allure, as always, is a battery swapping system that can eliminate range anxiety — you just have to visit a swapping station to get a freshly charged power pack.

Foxconn is no stranger to helping EV makers grow. It's collaborating with Fisker on a 'breakthrough' car due in 2023, and reportedly has a manufacturing deal with Volvo parent Geely. An e-scooter alliance is relatively rare, though, and suggests Foxconn is covering its bases. Many in the transportation industry expect car ownership to decline, and the Gogoro pact could help Foxconn thrive even if commuters ditch personal cars in favor of mopeds and shared rides.