August's fourth-gen WiFi Smart Lock drops to $219 on Amazon

It's the lowest price we've seen on the device to date.


August’s fourth-generation WiFi Smart Lock is a cinch to install, works with all the major digital assistants and connects to your home network without the need for a separate bridge. It’s also on sale on Amazon right now. The Smart Lock is down from $249.99 to $218.69, a saving of just over $30. That’s the lowest price it’s dropped to on Amazon to date, and it’s the cheapest we’ve seen the smart lock anywhere so far.

Buy August Smart Lock at Amazon for $219

You won’t need to dismantle your door’s entire locking mechanism to install it. As with previous models, you just need to replace the plate on the inside of the door with the smart lock. The device is also just over half of the size of its predecessors.

The WiFi Smart Lock works with iOS and Android, and it has a sensor that lets you know when the door is closed and locked. It offers an activity feed of comings and goings, and you’ll be able to lock or unlock it even when you’re not home. That should be useful if guests arrive at your place a little earlier than expected.

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