Google Assistant can now play Spotify podcasts on your Nest speakers

Just choose Spotify as the default podcast provider in Assistant's settings.


Users around the world can now use Google’s Assistant to play and control Spotify podcasts in English, Spotify has confirmed to Engadget. Until now, the voice assistant has only supported its own Google Podcasts, with third-party services limited to music streaming only. However, recent rumors suggested that the third-party podcast support was coming, starting with Spotify.

You can enable the feature by heading to your Assistant device’s settings in the Google Home app (on a smartphone or tablet) and choosing Spotify as the default podcast provider. You’ll be able to find more information here from Spotify once the news post goes live.

The new feature will make it a lot more convenient for Google Assistant users to listen to podcasts exclusive to Spotify like those from Michelle Obama or Joe Rogan. If you like to use Spotify for all your podcasts, it also means you’ll be able to keep track of what you’re listening to across all your devices. Google’s move may open the door to other third-party podcast apps arriving in the future, too. The feature is rolling out to users around the world today, though it might take awhile to hit your neighborhood.

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