Google Assistant tweak boosts its ability to recognize your voice

The voice AI will be able to better identify the user engaging with it.


Google is making it easier to get personalized results from Assistant even if you share a device with multiple users. The tech giant has upgraded Assistant’s Voice Match feature so that your device can more accurately identify the person speaking to it. Voice Match, as you may know, gives you a way to teach Assistant to recognize your voice. The new and improved version boosts the voice AI’s accuracy by prompting you to say full phrases and not just “Hey Google” when you set up the capability. It’ll ask you to say phrases such as “Hey Google, play my workout playlist” or “Hey Google, what time is sunrise?”


Google’s Voice Match boost comes hot on the heels of another rollout meant to fine tune the voice assistant. The company also recently started rolling out a “Hey Google” sensitivity option to make Assistant harder — or easier, if you want it to be even more responsive — to trigger with the hotword.