Android's real-time captioning is coming to Chrome on desktops

It can automatically create captions for videos and songs.

Gokhan Balci/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

You won’t need an Android phone to take advantage of Google’s real-time captioning before long. Techdows has noticed (via 9to5Google) that the latest Canary build of Chrome includes Live Caption support for media playing in the browser. You’ll have to enable the feature through an accessibility flag in the settings, but it should automatically caption music or videos without requiring special support.

You can try it now on Chrome OS, Linux, Mac and Windows, although Canary versions of Chrome are very rough around the edges. You may have to wait a while if you want Live Caption in a beta or stable release. Whenever you hop in, though, this could make life easier if you’re hard of hearing or need to cut through background noise.