Google says it's making Chrome less of a battery and memory hog

Two new modes should help lighten the load on your desktop or laptop.


Google has revealed two new modes for Chrome that are designed to make the browser less of a drain on your system's battery and memory. It says that, with the Memory Saver mode, Chrome will reduce its memory usage by up to 30 percent on desktop. The mode frees up memory from open tabs that you aren't using. Google says this will help to give you a smoother experience on active tabs. Chrome will reload inactive tabs when you switch back to them.

As for Battery Saver mode, Google says that can kick in when you're using the browser and your device's battery level drops to 20 percent. Chrome will then limit background activity and visual effects on tabs with videos and animations to help keep your device up and running for longer.

These features will be available as part of the m108 Chrome for desktop build. Google says all users will have access to them in the coming weeks and that it's starting to roll out the build today. You'll be able to turn off these modes in the settings and make certain sites exempt from Memory Saver.