Google is bringing automatic summaries to Docs and Chat

It's an easy way to catch up on long documents.


Google is making it easy to catch up on long documents with a new auto summarization feature, which will soon be available on Google Docs. It relies on machine learning to break down the key points in a file and generate a readable briefing. Think of it like automatic Cliff's Notes for all of those work reports you never read. Google originally announced the feature in March, but now it's closer to reaching the public.

Google Docs Auto Summary

As Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai explained at today's Google I/O keynote, the automatic summary feature relies on language understanding, information compression and natural language generation to work its magic. And while it's coming to Docs soon, he says it'll eventually make its way to Google Spaces and Chats, where it can summarize your conversations so you don't have to spend hours scrolling up. If anything, it'll be a nice way to keep tabs on those group chats you're lurking in. (And hopefully automatic summaries will work better than Google's AI-powered inclusive language warnings.)

As for other Google Workplace updates, the company is introducing a Portrait Restore feature to clean up crummy webcam video in Google Meet, and it showed off a customizable way to simulate studio portrait lighting. It's also using AI to de-reverberate sound, which makes it seem like you're talking into a high-quality microphone, and bringing automatic transcriptions to Google Meet later this year.

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