Google is turning off the option to switch to classic Groups

The redesigned Google Groups will be the only experience available starting on November 2nd.

400tmax via Getty Images

Google gave Groups a Material Design makeover back in March and made it the default experience a few months later in September. Back then, the tech giant still gave users the option to switch back to classic Groups in case they’re not very fond of the new version’s more modern looks. But now Google is removing that option completely, making the new Groups the only interface users can access.

The company has announced the change in the Google Workspace Updates blog, explaining that the redesigned Groups will provide “a modern experience that matches Gmail and other Google services.” It will start removing the “Return to classic Google Groups” option under Settings on November 2nd, and it will take up to three days for the rollout to be complete.

In addition to having an interface and controls that match Gmail and Google’s other services, the new Groups puts all the settings options in one place and features new filtering and search options to make finding stuff easier. It also lists a user’s groups on a single page for easy access, provides quick access to group member subscriptions and permission and has messaging threads that match Gmail’s. The complete switch to new Groups will apply to everyone, including users with personal accounts.