Google Lens' new 'Homework' filter will solve math problems from a photo

You'll be able to take photos of math problems to bring up step-by-step solutions and concept explainers.


Google has been giving students — and their parents — a few helpful tools to make studying from home a bit easier. Back in May, it launched an augmented reality feature within Search that lets you view 3D anatomy models and cellular structures. And soon the tech giant will help you solve math problems simply by taking a photo of them using Google Lens.

The company is using technology from mobile learning app Socratic, which it acquired last year, to power the upcoming Lens feature. When it arrives, all you’ll need to do is snap a pic of your study material and then highlight an equation or a particular problem you can’t seem to solve to get quick access to step-by-step guides and detailed explainers. The idea is to make it easy to look up mathematical concepts giving you trouble, since you need to be able to understand them to be able to apply them. Google didn’t say when the Lens feature will roll out, but Socratic itself is available as standalone apps for iOS and Android.

In addition, Google has also announced that Search now has nearly 100 STEM-related 3D objects you can explore. If you search for “Quantum mechanical model,” for instance, you’ll be able to observe a 3D atom model superimposed against your environment. Jennifer Holland, Google’s Director of Program Management for Education, has also highlighted other tools that can help students who need to stay home due to the pandemic. She touched upon Read Along, which could foster kids’ love for reading, Google Meet’s live caption and a smart speaker feature called Family Bell that can keep you on track by announcing when it's time to start an online class and when it’s time to take a break.