Google adds its own address system to Maps location sharing on Android

It's Google's replacement for addresses as we know them.


Google’s Plus Codes are the company’s efforts to reinvent coordinates and addresses so it works better with all things Google. It’s also helpful for places and locations that don’t actually have addresses. The Plus Code itself is a short alphanumeric code, combined with a city and country, and has been built into Google Maps for years.

The company’s latest Maps update makes it easier for anyone with an Android phone to location-share through these Plus Codes: Tap the blue dot representing where you’re at, and this can be shared directly through any app you can copy-and-paste to. Google adds that the technology behind Codes is open-source.

If you’re looking to share another location, hold and press on the map location, and you’ll get a Plus Code for that location too. The feature will be bundled into Google Maps updates rolling out over the next few weeks.