A bunch of Google Nest device bundles are on sale right now

Google's official eBay store has combinations for as low as $110.

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Google Nest Hub 2021 (2nd gen) photo. Picture of Google's newest smart display on a nightstand.
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It's hard to beat the convenience of Google's Nest devices if you're and Android user and already rely on the Google Assistant for many things. If you're looking to outfit your home with a few new smart devices, Google's official store on eBay has a number of Nest gadgets and bundles for less right now. Key among them is a bundle that includes the Nest Video Doorbell Battery with a second-gen Nest Hub for $200, which is $100 off its normal price. It's worth noting that Google's store on eBay offers free shipping and returns, so you're not missing out on perks like that by going through eBay.

Shop Google sale at eBay Buy Nest Video Doorbell bundle at eBay - $200

Nest's video doorbell and hub are design to work together. With the Video Doorbell Battery installed, you can view its feed from the Hub's 7-inch display. This model of the Video Doorbell, as its name suggests, runs on a rechargeable battery that should last for about six months before it needs more juice. This gives you more flexibility on where you install the Video Doorbell, plus you can always hook it up to a wired power source if you prefer.

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The Nest Video Doorbell lets you keep an eye on what's going on outside your door, sending you alerts and allowing you to speak to guests at the other end of the camera. The Nest Hub provides all of the usual Google Assistant smart features, plus a pleasant design, clearer and louder audio than on the previous model and a new sleep tracking feature that you can use if you place the device on your nightstand.

If you're not on the market for a video doorbell, a number of other bundles have been discounted, too. You can grab a Nest Mini smart speaker and a second-gen Nest Hub for a total of $110, or $40 off its usual rate, as well as a Nest Audio with a Nest Hub for $150, or $50 off. And if you want to upgrade your home's WiFi network, a bundle with a 3-pack of Google WiFi routers and a Nest Hub is $50 off and down to $250.

Buy Nest Mini bundle at eBay - $110 Buy Nest Audio bundle at eBay - $150 Buy Google WiFi bundle at eBay - $250

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A bunch of Google Nest device bundles are on sale right now