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Google's Nest Learning Thermostat is on sale for $179 right now

That's $70 off its MSRP and one of the better deals we've seen.


Google's Nest Learning Thermostat is broadly regarded as one of the best smart thermostats you can buy, and right now Wellbots is running a sale that brings the device down to $179 when you use the code THERMOENG at checkout. That isn't the absolute best price we've tracked; this third-generation model launched in 2015, and it's fallen as low as $140 in the seven years since. But this is still a bit lower than most deal prices we see, coming in $70 under Google's MSRP and about $35 below the device's average street price in recent months.

Buy Nest Learning Thermostat at Wellbots - $179

Smart thermostats in general can still be a worthwhile investment for those who want to manage their home's temperature remotely or cut down on their energy usage (usually). The Nest Learning Thermostat makes doing that relatively straightforward, as it's able to gradually learn your heating and cooling preferences over a typical day, then automate future climate adjustments for your home with minimal input. It's still easy enough to make changes manually through Nest's app, but the device is usually able to create an accurate automatic heating or cooling schedule after a week or so of use. It can also use built-in sensors and your phone to tell when nobody is home, then set temperatures to an appropriate energy-saving range until someone returns. Helpfully, it'll give a visual indicator whenever it's set in that range.

If your place has distinct cool or hot spots, or if you prefer to keep certain rooms at specific temperatures, you can also pair the Learning Thermostat with optional temperature sensors to more granularly balance the climate throughout your home. Provided your heating and cooling system is compatible, actually setting up the Learning Thermostat is largely straightforward, and the hardware itself still looks rather clean, with a well-sized display and smooth steel adjustment dial.

The Learning Thermostat is still on the expensive side even with this discount, so it's worth noting that Google still sells a lower-end model called the Nest Thermostat for $130. That one has similar energy-saving and HVAC monitoring features, though it can't learn your temperature habits or work with remote sensors, and it has a cheaper-feeling frame based on touch controls.

The newest high-end thermostats from Ecobee, meanwhile, look to be worthy alternatives if you need support for more smart home platforms (including Apple's HomeKit) or smarter remote sensors that don't have to be programmed individually, a la Nest's. They also have built-in smart speakers. The platform support may be particularly relevant given that Google hasn't committed to the Learning Thermostat supporting the recently launched Matter smart home standard, which is intended to make smart home devices universally compatible. (The cheaper Nest Thermostat will support this, however.) Still, the Learning Thermostat is the better way to go if you want a more "set-and-forget" option, and at this deal price it's a fine value.

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