Save $70 on Google's much-improved Nest WiFi bundle

Bed Bath and Beyond is discounting the mesh WiFi system by $70.
Marc DeAngelis
M. DeAngelis|04.17.20

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Google Nest WiFi Router
Daniel Cooper/Engadget
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The “Beyond” in Bed Bath and Beyond includes gadgets, and the store is currently discounting Google’s Nest Wifi router and access point bundle by $70. The system has only been on the market since the fall, and it’s rare to see it at such a low price. Google itself is still selling the bundle at the full $270. Engadget gave the Google Nest Wifi bundle a score of 84, and one of the biggest issues we had with it was the price. $200 is much more reasonable, so this could be a great deal for those who need a networking upgrade that’s easy to set up, or even for those curious about the possibilities of mesh WiFi systems.

Buy Nest WiFi bundle on Bed Bath and Beyond - $200

The Nest Wifi hardware is easy to set up -- you don’t even have to type into your browser -- and it’s rather attractive, especially in mist blue. The router also has a built-in Google Assistant speaker, though whether this is a pro or con is up to you. Google claims that the bundle can cover up to 3,800 square feet of your home -- the router has a range of 2,200 square feet and the access point has an additional 1,600. Our stress test showed that the network was able to withstand several video streams -- including two 4K streams -- on opposite ends of the house. There was an initial hiccup, but after that, everything worked perfectly. The downsides are that the bundle doesn’t support WiFi 6, and the access point doesn’t have an ethernet port.

Overall, the Nest WiFi bundle is much easier to recommend at this lower price. If you don’t need the most cutting edge networking equipment, but do need to cover a large swatch of your home with a solid and reliable signal, this deal may be worth it.

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