Google optimizes its WiFi routers for slow internet connections

You should see fewer drops when you're juggling multiple tasks.

Daniel Cooper/Engadget

Google’s WiFi routers should now handle overloaded internet providers more gracefully. It’s delivering an update to Nest WiFi and Google WiFi routers that improves “overall” performance with slow internet connections. You should have a better chance of maintaining that video call or gaming session, especially if others in your home are online.

The upgrade should also help devices move to faster WiFi radio channels, and it’s better at prioritizing devices. Your kids’ YouTube viewing, for example, is less likely to hiccup when signals get dicey. You should also get the obligatory round of security and stability fixes.

These features should reach Google’s routers automatically. In other words, you’ll know when you get it when you (hopefully) see fewer disruptions. This won’t improve the baseline quality of your internet service, but it will reduce the chances that your home network is a bottleneck.