Google One adds a middle-ground 5TB storage plan

It may be the Goldilocks plan if you're a serious Google Photos user.

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Google One hasn't had great storage choices if you're a heavy-duty user — you've either had to 'settle' for 2TB at $10 per month or jump to 10TB at an eye-watering $50 per month. Thankfully, there's now an in-between option. 9to5Google noticed Google has quietly added a 5TB plan for $25 per month, or $250 per year. That's half what you'd pay for the 10TB tier, and certainly a better bargain if you didn't need that much more than the 2TB plan could offer.

You still get 2TB-level perks, including the Android VPN, 10 percent back in store credit for Google Store purchases and Google expert access. Not surprisingly, you're encouraged to add your family.

The timing is apt. Google ended Photos' free unlimited storage at the beginning of June, creating headaches for anyone who relies heavily on the service (or Drive as a whole). This could save you from having to sacrifice at least some backups if you know you're going to be tight on space. There's also a degree of futureproofing here. Even if 2TB is fine for your needs now, you can give yourself some headroom without paying five times more.