Google One's VPN is finally available on the iPhone

There are also new features for Android users.


Google One's VPN hasn't been much use if you primarily surf the more secure web through your iPhone, but that won't be a problem from now on. Google is starting to roll out One VPN service for iOS users. So long as you've subscribed to the 2TB Premium plan in eligible countries, this should help you shield your internet activity. It won't give you an IP address in another country, though, so don't expect to browse foreign streaming service libraries.

There are new features for Android users, too. App Bypass lets certain apps use a regular connection if the VPN proves troublesome, while Safe Disconnect will only let you get online while the VPN is active. Snooze temporarily disables the VPN.

Google One Premium costs $10 per month and is currently available in 18 countries including the US, Canada and the UK. The iPhone launch probably won't reel you in if you're already using a VPN or a privacy-minded service like iCloud Private Relay. However, this might be just what you were looking for if you're steeped in the Google cloud ecosystem and want a secure service you can use across platforms.