Google revives its AI-fueled photo printing service

It's also making on-demand prints available through Walgreens.


Google just made good on its promise to bring back its AI-based Photos printing service, and this time it’s more affordable. The upcoming premium print series will once again have machine learning select your 10 best photos each month, but you’ll now pay a slightly more affordable $7 per month (shipping already included) to get hard copies instead of the previous $8. Like before, you can skip a given month if life hasn’t been eventful enough to capture interesting snapshots.

The printing subscription should be available later in October.

You’ll have also have another option if you prefer on-demand printing. Google just made its same-day Photos printing available through Walgreens, effectively doubling the number of US stores where you can pick up your images. You previously had to choose between CVS or Walmart. We can’t imagine too many people rushing to take advantage of this during the pandemic, but it’ll be helpful if you aren’t willing to wait for tangible versions of favorite pictures.