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Google Photos' new Memories include 3D cinematic images

You'll come across new types of Memories in the coming weeks.


Google Photos will start turning your old images into new types of Memories over the coming weeks. The Memories feature displays old photos saved in your account in a stories-like format similar to Snap’s and Facebook’s. These new types of Memories can add new life to your old images, though, instead of showing them to you as they are — Cinematic photos, for instance, add animation to previously still images.

The feature uses machine learning to predict an image’s depth and to create a 3D representation of a scene. It then animates the photo to generate a panning effect. Google Photos will generate Cinematic images automatically, but you’ll have to make sure you have the latest version of the app. They’ll pop up at the top of your gallery like other Memories, and you’ll be able to save them or send them to friends as a video by clicking the Share icon at the bottom.

Google has also started rolling out new collage layouts that use AI to find photos of similar colors. The AI then uses background and font that can best complement the images for each batch to form a cohesive look. Finally, Google is launching new themes for Memories, starting by grouping and surfacing images of the people in your life. The Photos app will surface Memories based on your favorite activities, such as hiking or baking, in the near future, as well. You can still always go to Settings and hide specific people or time periods in your life, though, so you don’t have to see old photos you’d rather not revisit.