Google's leaked Pixel 5a might be a warmed-over 4a 5G

The 5a would still deliver some welcome upgrades for the money.


Google's phone lineup is a bit muddy with devices like the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 offering only subtle differences between each other, and it might not get any clearer this year. Well-known tipster OnLeaks and Voice have shared what they say are leaked design details of a Pixel 5a, and it would effectively be a remix of the 4a 5G. That wouldn't entirely be a bad thing between the 6.2-inch OLED screen, dual rear cameras, headphone jack and stereo speakers, but anyone expecting a revamp would be disappointed.

There aren't any firm specs beyond these, so it's unclear if the Pixel 5a would include 5G, a faster processor or other internal upgrades over the no-frills 4a. While the 5a could have the same screen and camera count as the 4a 5G, it wouldn't be surprising if Google scaled back performance to keep the price low and give you a reason to splurge on more expensive Pixels.

It's not certain just when the Pixel 5a would arrive. The 4a launched in early August, but its debut was hampered by the pandemic — many expected a new phone at I/O in May before Google cancelled the event. The company could try to move up the 5a release to get back on track, but there are no guarantees it'll replace the 4a quite so quickly. Whenever a 5a shows up, it could make your choice of phone that much harder.