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Google Pixel 7a bundle with Pixel Buds A-Series is $100 off at Amazon

The free earbuds make Google's budget phone more appealing.


Google's entry-level Pixel phone is already a good value, but it's now a much better deal if you're also looking for wireless audio. Amazon is selling a bundle that combines the Pixel 7a with free Pixel Buds A-Series for the same $499 you'd pay for the phone by itself. The promo doesn't cover the Sea blue model and lasts until July 9th at 2:59AM Eastern, but there are otherwise no catches — this may be just what you need to soundtrack your commute or a long summer walk.

Google's most affordable phone comes with free earbuds for a limited time.

$499 at Amazon

The Pixel 7a is our favorite midrange Android phone, and it's not hard to see why. You're getting nearly the same capabilities as the standard Pixel 7 for $100 less, including the Tensor G2 chip, a smooth 90Hz display and wireless charging. While the cameras aren't quite on par, you'll still get exceptional photo quality that beats some more expensive rivals. Add a healthy OS update policy and long battery life and you might not need anything more. The only catches are the slow wireless power and the lack of storage options beyond 128GB.

The Pixel Buds A-Series, meanwhile, are surprisingly impressive even at their usual price. They provide well-balanced sound, a comfortable fit and tight Google Assistant integration (such as translating conversations). There's no wireless charging or active noise cancellation, but that's expected in this price class. For free, they're virtually unbeatable.

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