Google's second-gen Pixel Stand is available for pre-order

Just be aware of the alternatives for your Pixel 6.


Google's second-generation Pixel Stand wasn't even an option by the time the Pixel 6 shipped, but it's here now... well, almost. The company has begun taking pre-orders for the new wireless charging dock for $79. It won't ship until mid-December, so you might want to order quickly if it's a gift for the Android enthusiast in your life.

The new Pixel Stand is more monolithic than its predecessor, but also more powerful. It can charge the Pixel 6 Pro at up to 23W (21W for the regular Pixel 6) and has a fan to keep everything cool. And while it will charge many Qi-compatible devices at up to 15W, Google phone owners receive some extra perks. You can use the Pixel 3 and newer models as makeshift Google Assistant smart speakers, display personal data like calendars while unlocked or simply turn your phone into a photo frame.

The catch, as you might gather, is that you don't strictly need the Pixel Stand if you want an upright wireless charging dock. Alternatives from Anker, Belkin and others often provide a still-speedy 15W charge for significantly less, albeit without the Pixel-specific features. Google's charger is mainly best if you either want those extras or insist on the fastest charging possible.