Google will tailor Play Store ratings based on location starting in November

In 2022, ratings will also better reflect the device you're using.


Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, there’s a good chance you look at user reviews and ratings before you decide whether to download an app to your device. In hopes of making those more useful for everyone, Google plans to make two tweaks to the Play Store.

Starting in November, the ratings you see will be based on where you live. So, for example, if your device is registered to Japan, you will first see what other Japanese users think of the app you’re about to download. Then, sometime early next year, Google plans to further tweak Play Store ratings to better reflect the device you’re using, be that a phone, tablet, foldable, Chromebook or smartwatch. “This will give users a better impression of the experience that they can expect for the device they’re using,” the company says of the change.

In part, Google is making these tweaks to help developers. It wants to avoid a situation where ratings in one area impact the global perception of an app. This can happen in cases where a bug only affects one localized version of the software. Of course, that compartmentalization means you can learn of those same bugs before you download an app.