Google makes it easy to jump back to the search box by pressing '/'

The new shortcut makes it easier to refine your search results.

Marko Geber via Getty Images

Google has rolled out a new Search shortcut that can quickly help you refine the results you get. Now, when you're on a results page, you can simply press "/" to expand the search field. As noticed by 9to5Google, the tech giant has started notifying users about the new shortcut in a box at the bottom left corner, which pops up when you tap on any key in a results page.

When you use the shortcut, you'll be taken straight to the search field where the text cursor will appear next to your original query. The search field will even expand with suggestions for common searches related to the term you first typed in. That makes it ideal for use when you want to expound on your original search — say, if you want to refine the results page so that it mostly shows links to pages about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra instead of the non-Ultra variant — though you can also use "/" for new search terms if you wish.

As 9to5Google notes, this feature joins the tab accessibility shortcut for Google Search. Pressing the tab button in a results page highlights links, so you can open websites without relying on a mouse or a trackpad.