Google’s latest feature drop brings faster Night Sight photos to the Pixel 6

Google is also bringing Magic Eraser and other features to older Pixels.

Sam Rutherford / Engadget

Google is launching another feature drop for Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch. The updates include faster nighttime photography and the broader availability of Magic Eraser, Health Connect and Direct My Call+.

Night Sight, Google’s low-lit photography feature, is now faster for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users. The company chalks up the speed boost to “new and improved algorithms” for the Tensor chip inside the phones. Additionally, the company says Magic Eraser is now available on all Pixel handsets. The highly marketed feature scrubs unwanted people or objects from photos, filling in the backgrounds behind them (usually) seamlessly. Magic Eraser launched as an exclusive feature to the Pixel 6, but the company recently expanded it to older Pixels and Google One.

In addition, Google’s Health Connect app, a hub for storing health and fitness data from various apps, will now come pre-installed on Pixels. Finally, Direct My Call+ arrives on the Pixel 4a and older models. This feature lets you see businesses’ call menu trees before they’re spoken, allowing you to skip the most tedious part of dialing customer service.

Additionally, Google reiterated its addition of Fall Detection on the Pixel Watch (it began rolling out last month). Similar to the Apple Watch feature of the same name, it can detect a hard fall and call emergency services if you’re unresponsive. At that point, it will play an automated message to the dispatcher or let you speak to them live.