Google's Nest Audio smart speaker is down to $60 right now

Plus save on the second-gen Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.


Even Google devices are getting discounted ahead of Amazon Prime Day. Wellbots currently has a few Nest gadgets at some of the best prices we've seen. The Nest Audio smart speaker is $40 off and down to $60 with the code EGDT40 at checkout, while the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max are on sale for $60 (using the same code) and $169 (with the code EGDT60), respectively.

Buy Nest Audio at Wellbots - $60 Buy Nest Hub at Wellbots - $60 Buy Nest Hub Max at Wellbots - $169

Even though the Nest Audio came out in 2020, we still consider it to be one of the best smart speakers you can get. And if you already live in the Google ecosystem, it's a no-brainer. The speaker has an unassuming yet attractive design, plus great audio quality that's made even better if you pair two of them together and use them in stereo mode. There are better speakers out there if you're mostly concerned with audio quality, but the Nest Audio excels at being a solid music-machine that also houses the Google Assistant. You can use voice commands to add events to your calendar, check the forecast, control smart home gadgets, play specific music and more.

Either of the Nest Hubs on sale are better if you like the idea of having a display to show you all of the information you ask the Assistant to gather for you. The standard Nest Hub is basically a Nest Audio but with an added touchscreen, plus it has sleep-tracking capabilities if you place it next to your bed. We also appreciate that the second-gen version has clearer, louder audio and even speedier Google Assistant performance. As for the Nest Hub Max, it's the one to get if you want the best audio quality possible, plus as big of a screen as you can get on any Nest smart device.

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