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Google's Nest Learning Thermostat is $75 off right now

You can get the smart thermostat for $174 at Wellbots.


A smart thermostat can help with a number of household issues, from reducing your power bill to making sure you come back to a toasty home or apartment in the winter without needing to have the heat on all day. Google’s third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the more notable options on the market, and it’s currently $75 off at Wellbots if you enter the code ENGNLT75 at checkout. The deal takes the device down to $174 from its usual price of $259. It’s one of the best prices we’ve seen for the smart thermostat lately.

Google's Nest Learning Thermostat is a good option for managing your home's heating and cooling systems.

Save $75 with code
$174 at Wellbots

The Nest Learning Thermostat can get to know your routine and preferred temperature settings throughout the course of a typical day, then automatically create a schedule for home climate adjustments based on those. It should only take a week or so for the device to build up a fairly accurate understanding of your heating and cooling preferences and start making appropriate changes autonomously. You can make manual adjustments through the Nest app if needed.

The thermostat can detect whether anyone is home using its built-in sensors and your phone. If the place is empty, the device can change the temperatures to a range that can help save energy until your home's occupied again. When the temperatures are in this energy-saving range, the thermostat will note that on a visual indicator. The device can also display details about your energy usage, the weather and the time.

Moreover, you can pair the Nest Learning Thermostat with optional sensors to account for hot or cool spots in your home or to maintain specific temperatures in some rooms. That could be helpful for keeping bedrooms cooler than your living room or kitchen. You'll also receive a report on energy usage, including guidance on how to save energy in your cooling and heating systems.

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