Stadia launch title 'Gylt' is heading to other platforms next year

The game is going to other systems now that Google's service is shutting down.

Tequila Works

Now that Google is shutting down Stadia, at least one of its exclusives is headed elsewhere. Eurogamer reports that Tequila Works is bringing Stadia's first exclusive, Gylt, to other platforms sometime in 2023. The Rime creator didn't say just which systems would get their turn, but it won't be surprising if consoles are included.

The third-person horror game has you playing Sally, a tween who ventures into a dark alternate world to rescue her cousin. You have to complete quests and solve spatial puzzles while hiding from (or illuminating) sludge monsters. While Gylt isn't the most original title, we found it was a good introduction to horror gaming for older kids who might not be ready for something as intense as Dead Space.

This isn't a stunning development, as you might have guessed. Gylt certainly isn't Tequila Works' only recent project (it's working on the League of Legends spinoff Song of Nunu), but it will effectively cease to exist when Stadia goes offline in January. A multiplatform launch could help Tequila revive interest in Gylt and continue making money after Google's cloud gaming service is gone.

The question is whether or not other Stadia exclusives will make the leap. Splash Damage said it would "evaluate the options" for its competitive multiplayer title Outcasters, but other developers have remained silent. While these cloud gaming projects weren't must-play blockbusters, they'll fade into complete obscurity if they aren't ported elsewhere.