Stylish PC roguelike 'Hades' heads to Switch this fall

Once 'Hades' exits Early Access, it'll hit Nintendo's hybrid handheld.

Supergiant Games

The Prince of Hell is heading to Switch. Hades, the stylish action-RPG from Supergiant Games, will hit Nintendo Switch in the fall, at the same time that it exits Early Access on PC. Hades has been in Early Access since December 2018, first as an exclusive on the Epic Games Store. It hit Steam a year later.

The Switch version of Hades will feature cross-save capabilities with the PC edition, though you’ll have to purchase the game separately on each platform.

Hades has been a staple of Engadget’s living list of the best PC games, and it stands out as the only Early Access title to make the cut. It’s a roguelike romp through the bowels of Greek mythology — you play as Zagreus, son of Hades, in an attempt to escape the Underworld (and dear old dad). Zagreus fights upward through the levels of Hell with assistance from ancient gods and tragic figures including Zeus, Aphrodite, Sisyphus and Eurydice.

Though Hades is a roguelike — meaning players start from the very beginning with each death — ability and weapon upgrades persist across runs, and levels are randomized.

Since the release of Bastion in 2011, Supergiant Games has established itself as a solid indie studio with a flair for rich, hand-drawn science-fiction and fantasy settings. It released Transistor in 2014 and Pyre in 2017. Hades is its fourth title.