After 8 years, 'Halo 4' hits PC on November 17th

The revamped Master Chief Collection also hits next-gen the same day.


Halo 4, the first game in the series developed by 343 Industries, is making its way to Windows PCs on November 17th, Microsoft announced today. The remastered version of the game will be the final addition to the Master Chief Collection, which was released last year and has slowly added new Halo entries since then. Perhaps more important for many gamers though, that remastered bundle of games is also hitting the Xbox Series X and Series S on November 17th as well. So at least you’ll have some Halo to play as you wait for Halo Infinite to arrive next year.

As arguably the weakest game of the series, Halo 4 hasn’t been a game that I’ve been eager to revisit. But it may be worth another look now with slightly better graphics performance. You can buy it outside of the $40 Master Chief Collection, but really the best way to get it is as part of Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription. If you’re a PC gamer that’s looking to dive into the series, consider checking out ODST after you’ve plowed through the original trilogy. It’s unlike any other Halo entry yet, and it has a sublime soundtrack to boot.