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Hideo Kojima is making a game with Elle Fanning

The auteur teased he would share more details soon.

Piroschka Van De Wouw / reuters

Kojima Productions is making a game with Elle Fanning (The Great). The studio announced the collaboration as part of an elaborate teaser campaign that began back at the Tokyo Game Show in September. At the time, it shared an image featuring a face obscured in shadow with the tagline “Who Am I?” On Friday, fans got an answer to that question when PAX Aus attendees found a QR code with a link to the Kojima Productions website. The webpage hosts an updated version of the image that features a portrait of Fanning.

Kojima subsequently shared a tweet implying there would be more teasers and an eventual reveal to follow. As for what they point to, Polygon suggests Friday’s teaser is most likely tied to a Death Stranding sequel. In May, actor Norman Reedus shared in an interview he had “just started” work on a second game in the series. Although Kojima Productions has yet to formally announce the title, a producer with the studio shared Kojima’s tweet using the hashtag #DeathStranding. That tweet has since been deleted.

However, it’s worth noting Kojima is working on at least one “completely new game” with Microsoft. The “Where Am I?” image the auteur shared may also point to “Overdose,” a horror game Kojima is reportedly making with Death Stranding and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress Margaret Qualley. Either way, Kojima is likely to share more information about his next project at The Game Awards on December 9th since he has a long history with host Geoff Keighley.