'Returnal' for PS5 is Housemarque's most ambitious game yet

This is much bigger than titles like 'Resogun.'

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'Returnal' for PS5

Housemarque said it was leaving arcade shooters behind, and its first PlayStation 5 title appears to be proof of that. The studio has taken the wraps off of Returnal, a third-person shooter for the PS5 that’s decidedly more ambitious than titles like Resogun. At first blush, it’s an Edge of Tomorrow-inspired thriller that has you desperately trying to break a cycle where you crash, die in an attack, and somehow come back to life. You can expect strange enemies, a test of your sanity, and lots of projectiles.

The title doesn’t have a release window at this point, but it should be worth investigating when it does show. Housemarque has excelled at making fast-paced but ultimately uncomplicated games — this is its chance to show what it can do with a deeper narrative and fresh mechanics.

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