Hummer EV first drive.
Hummer EV first drive. Engadget

Hummer EV first drive: An enormous electric super truck

Military-grade EV fun in the desert of Arizona.

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Roberto Baldwin
April 8th, 2022
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The Hummer has always been ostentatious. So it should have been a surprise to no one that the Hummer EV is not only large, but also heavy, and really not all that efficient as an EV. But what it lacks in miles per kilowatt, it makes up for in over-the-top fun.

We had the opportunity to drive the larger-than-life SUV from GMC in the Arizona desert. It proved to be a capable off-roader that's being used to showcase GM’s Ultium platform. It’s more Halo car than a daily driver, but it’s still a Hummer.

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