iFixit now sells official replacement parts for Microsoft Surface devices

There’s a dedicated repair hub with disassembly videos and step-by-step guides.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

As the right to repair movement continues to pick up steam, DIY aficionados iFixit just announced a partnership with Microsoft to provide replacement parts for a wide range of Surface devices. These are genuine parts manufactured by Microsoft specifically for the purpose of conducting repairs, so you won’t have to worry about integration issues.

All told, iFixit’s offering parts for 13 Surface models, including the Surface Pro 9 and the Surface Laptop 15. Visit the dedicated Microsoft Repair Hub for a list of compatible devices and parts. These components range from batteries and SSDs to displays and keyboards. As with all iFixit collaborations, you also get access to disassembly videos and step-by-step guides so you don’t accidentally turn your Surface tablet into an expensive paperweight.

You can purchase each component on its own or part of a comprehensive fix kit that includes everything you need to conduct the repairs, including tools and accessories. iFixit is especially proud of this partnership, urging customers to “imagine how different the world would be if repairing every device and having access to original spare parts was this simple.” To that end, it's much less annoying to replace a battery or hard drive on your own than having to take it to a repair center and play the waiting game.

The company recently made similar agreements with other tech giants, as it now offers replacement parts for Google Pixel tablets and for Google Pixel Fold devices. Accessory manufacturer Logitech also got on board, offering repair parts for two of its most popular mouse models.

Apple, however, remains a hold out and iFixit recently dinged the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s repairability score due to the company's software-restricted “parts pairing” requirement. This means that you have to order replacement components directly from Apple and get on the phone with a company tech before iOS devices will accept individual part replacements.