IKEA launches customizable Sonos speaker lamp with swappable shades

It will be available in the US and select European markets starting on October 12th.


IKEA and Sonos will release a new, more customizable version of their Symfonisk speaker lamp on October 12th. The furniture giant will sell the new model's lamp base and shade separately, allowing you to mix and match parts to ensure the final product fits the vibe of your home. You can choose between a black or a white lamp base, which the companies had designed to be slightly smaller than its predecessor. Stjepan Begic, product owner at IKEA of Sweden, said they decided to make make the base smaller after finding out that a lot of people use the Symfonisk lamp on their nightstand.

You can also choose between two types of shades: textile or glass. Both are available in black and white, as well. In addition, this model supports a wider range of bulbs thanks to its added E26/E27 socket, whereas the previous generation only fits E12 (E14 in the UK) bulbs. When it comes to the speaker itself, Sara Morris, Principal Product Manager at Sonos, said it provides a "wider and more room-filling sound."

The companies launched the first Symfonisk products back in 2019, giving you the chance to purchase Sonos-level quality speakers without the Sonos-level price. These new lamps are priced similarly to the previously generation, which originally sold for $179. The base, which houses the WiFi-connected speaker itself, will set you back $152, confirming previous reports about the then-unannounced product. A textile cover will cost you $24, while a glass one will set you back $35. In all, you'll be paying $169 for a lamp with a textile shade and $179 for one with glass.

The new Symfonisk lamp will be available in IKEA's brick-and-mortar stores and online in the US and select European markets when it launches in October. It will eventually make its way to all of IKEA's markets next year.