Ikea's next Sonos speaker lamps may have swappable shades

Since they showed up on Ikea's site, they seem like a safe bet.

Symfonisk picture frame and lamp (Ikea)

Ikea's Symfonisk lamp is a neat way to add a Sonos speaker to your space without it necessarily sticking out from the rest of your decor. But what if you want to jazz it up slightly? You may have that option in the future in the form of swappable shades.

According to a Reddit post spotted by Protocol's Janko Roettgers, it seems a new version of Symfonisk is in the offing. User u/shoicey said they spotted a different Symfonisk lampshade at their local Ikea. They found a document (archived version) on the company's website that notes the second-generation speaker will let customers pick their own glass or fabric cover.

White and black options will be available, according to the document, which is in Portuguese. The textile cover is listed at €20 (approximately $24) and the glass one is €30 ($35). The base, which houses the WiFi speaker, costs €129 (roughly $152). The document lists other Symfonisk products, including the picture frame speaker Ikea announced in June.

“We're excited about the products we're working on together and are looking forward to sharing more soon,” Sonos said in a statement. Engadget has contacted Ikea for more info, including details about availability. Given that this document is on the Ikea website though, it may not be long before these new Symfonisk lamps are out in the wild.

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