IKEA's smart blinds are finally available to buy online

You don't have to visit a store -- not that you have much choice.


You can’t visit an IKEA store right now due to the pandemic, but you won’t be missing out on the company’s connected devices as a result. Shoppers on Reddit and 9to5Mac have noticed that IKEA has started selling its FYRTUR smart blinds online in the US several months after they were initially limited to in-person customers. They start at $129 for a 23x76 3/4” blind and scale up to $179 if you need a 48x76 3/4” model, though check carefully — not every size is available to ship as we write this. You’ll also need the $35 TRADFRI gateway if you’re going to take advantage of Alexa, Google Assistant or HomeKit.

The FYRTUR is a blackout blind in IKEA’s signature minimalist style, and runs wirelessly on battery. You can control them manually, but the real allure comes from controlling them through either IKEA’s app or your voice assistant of choice. Ideally, you can wake up to natural light in the morning (or wind down at night) without having to leave your bed.