Instagram's classic 'Polaroid' icons return for its 10th anniversary

You can get them via an Easter egg hidden in the settings.


When Instagram launched 10 years ago today, the app world was more... skeuomorphic. To celebrate those pre-flat design days, the social network has introduced an Easter egg that lets you revert back to the “Polaroid” icons of yore (via TechCrunch). That includes the original October 6, 2010 Land Camera 1000-like logo and even the pre-release “Codename” icon.

You can also select one of the later classic icons, including the “Classic 2” icon used until May 2016 (remember how long it took to get used to the new one?). Instagram has also added variations of the current logo, including sunrise, monochrome and a Pride rainbow color version.

To get the icons, you go to the settings and swipe down to reveal some party-related emoji, as demonstrated here. Once at the top, you’ll unlock the icons and a message from Instagram about its 10th birthday. The feature is a small part of a bigger update introduced today that includes anti-bullying features and the return of the photo map.