Instagram will fix bug that mistakenly shows camera as 'on' in iOS 14

Apple's latest iPhone OS has caught more flawed behavior

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Bangkok, Thailand - July 27, 2019 : Instagram user liking his own photo on Instagram.
Wachiwit via Getty Images

Apple’s iOS 14 beta is still catching misbehaving apps. Instagram has promised The Verge it will fix a recently reported bug that lists the camera as on when you’re simply browsing your feed, not just when you’re using the built-in camera features. The indicator can mistakenly pop up when you swipe from the camera either to your feed or the create mode, the social network said.

An Instagram spokesperson stressed that its staff “do not access” the camera in these cases, and that “no content is recorded.” The app only uses the camera “when you tell us to,” the spokesperson added.

The addition of privacy-focused notifications in iOS 14 has revealed improper device access in a number of apps, including TikTok, LinkedIn and Reddit. The behavior typically involves excessive clipboard sharing. To date, the activity doesn’t appear to have been malicious. It has, however, raised concerns that apps might expose sensitive data. In that regard, Apple’s approach may be less about blocking spyware and more about encouraging better overall privacy practices.

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