Instagram is making its TikTok-like 'Reels' easier to find

You'll find it in more countries, too.


Instagram is determined to make its TikTok clone, Reels, more of a force to be reckoned with. It’s moving Reels to dedicated sections both in user profiles and (for public accounts) the Explore section, giving you an easier way to find those 15-second clips. It’s also expanding beyond the original Brazil audience to include creators in France and Germany. That’s far from the ubiquity that TikTok enjoys, but it’s clear Instagram is still building out the feature.

The company didn’t tell TechCrunch when it would bring Reels to the US or other countries, but did say it expected the wider availability to help with refining the experience.

It’s not surprising that Instagram is being cautious with Reels’ access. The social network is trying to fend off TikTok much in the same way it did Snapchat, by emulating key features while ensuring they fit within Instagram’s interface. If that’s going to happen, it needs to know how real users will react — and that takes time.