Instagram is exploring a customizable profile grid

The better to sell yourself to others.

Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Your Instagram profile's grid might soon be more than just a snapshot of your most recent posts. Leaker Alessandro Paluzzi has discovered that Instagram has been developing an "edit grid" feature that would let you reorder the posts in your profile. This could help musicians or stores using multi-post collages to plug their latest work, but it might also be helpful if you want to highlight an important post or prioritize your favorites.

We've asked Instagram for comment. It's not clear if the social network plans to test or widely distribute the feature.

It wouldn't be surprising if the customizable profile grid became a mainstay, though. Instagram has spent more and more of its time courting businesses and shops, and the option to rearrange the grid might attract companies wanting to fine-tune their public image. This might also help if you're an artist or photo enthusiast hoping to showcase your best shots regardless of how old they might be.