Instagram is putting ads in its Shop tab

Ad infinitum.

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Saqib Shah
August 25, 2021 4:36 AM
Instagram Instagram

Instagram is introducing ads to the Shop tab it launched last November as part of a divisive app redesign. The Facebook-owned company's push to bring ads to more parts of its app has upset some users, but at least the move makes sense in this context. 

Moreso than on Reels or the Explore feed, ads seem like a natural fit for Instagram's shopping section, where you go to peruse products from brands and creators. They'll look like the other tiles on the Shop home page, but with a little "sponsored" label that tells you someone paid to show you them. 

As a rep for luggage brand Away explains in their spiel, ads tend to be more successful "in an environment where the consumer is already in a shopping mindset which the Shop tab naturally attracts."

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Clicking on a Shop ad will show you more details about the product, including any additional images, and let you browse more items from the brand. You can also save products to your wishlist or share them with friends. As is the norm, you can hide or report ads, too. Unlike Instagram's video ads in Stories and Reels, you can't skip photo ads.

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Instagram is putting ads in its Shop tab