Instagram's status update feature is coming to user profiles

Notes are getting more prominent placement in the app.


Instagram’s status update feature, Notes, will soon be more prominent in the app. Up until now, Notes have only been visible from Instagram’s inbox, but the brief updates will soon also be visible directly on users’ profiles.

The change should increase the visibility of the feature and give people a new place to interact with their friends’ updates. (Instagram added reply functionality to Notes back in December.) The app is also experimenting with “prompts” for Notes, which will allow users to share questions for their friends to answer in their updates, much like the collaborative “add yours” templates for Stories.

Notes are similar to Stories in that the updates only stick around for 24 hours, though they are only visible to mutual followers, so they aren’t meant to be as widely shared as a typical grid or Stories post. The latest updates are another sign of how Meta has used the feature, first introduced in 2022, to encourage users to post more often for smaller, more curated groups of friends.

Separately, the app is also adding a new “cutouts” feature, which allows users to make stickers out of objects in their photos, much like the iOS sticker feature. On Instagram, these stickers can be shared in Stories or in a Reel. Cutouts can also be made from other users’ public posts, effectively giving people a new way to remix content from others (Instagram’s help page notes that users can disable this feature if they prefer for their content to not be reused.)