Flash content like Homestar Runner lives on in the Internet Archive

Flash is dead. Long live Flash.

Jonti Picking

Mere weeks before Adobe’s planned end of support date for Flash, the Internet Archive has come in to save everyone’s favorite mid-aughts plugin and the creative content that came out of it. Over on its website, the organization has created a new collection dedicated to Flash that allows you to experience decades-old animations and games through a built-in emulator, meaning you don’t have to worry about any of the security issues that come along with the notoriously insecure software.

In the past 24 hours, the Internet Archive and other contributors have uploaded more than 1,000 experiences to the collection. You’ll find beloved proto-memes like Badger and Loituma Girl alongside more obscure gems. Powering the entire experience is an in-development emulator called Ruffle. While the Internet Archive says not every Flash animation and game will work in the emulator, the vast majority will look just as smooth as you remember them. Moreover, as long as you’re using a browser that supports WebAssembly — that is, any modern browser — you’ll be able to view and enjoy the collection.