Apple's 'Find My' network locates iOS 15 devices even if they're off or erased

While separation alerts let you know if your AirTag-equipped bag gets left behind.

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Apple's WWDC 2021 briefing is over, but the list of new features coming to its platforms is long enough that many are still popping up. One section to pay attention to on the iOS 15 Preview explains the changes made to "Find My."

iOS 15 Find My details

Other than adding live streamed locations of contacts who share their location with you, in iOS 15 your iPhone or iPad is a lot easier to find if it's been lost or stolen. Even if someone erases it, as long as Activation Lock is enabled then the device will still feature your information on the Hello screen and tell people that this device is trackable by its real owner.

According to Apple, the Find My feature will now locate devices even after they're turned off. The press release and preview page didn't explain exactly how this works, so it's unclear whether you can expect one last ping from where the device was when it ran low on battery power / was taken, or if there will be some kind of low-power Bluetooth tracking that stays on even when your phone is off. 9to5Mac has a picture of the popup that appears if an iOS 15 device is running low on power to let owners know about the new tracking features.

Other additions will help you find lost AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, while Separation alerts will notify you if you've left "a device, AirTag, or compatible third-party item behind."

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