Roomba's premium S9+ robot vacuum is $200 off at Wellbots

That's a new record low price for this robo-vac with a Clean Base.


Update 9:42am ET: Amazon is now matching the $900 sale price on the Roomba S9+ and the $700 sale price on the S9.

The holiday shopping season is a great time to find a robot vacuum at a good sale price, and one of iRobot’s most advanced devices is $200 off right now. The Roomba S9+ vacuum is down to $900, which is a record low for this model. The “plus” version comes with a Clean Base, but if you can do without that, the regular S9 vacuum is also discounted to $700. Since these remain expensive gadgets, you’ll qualify for Wellbots’ free shipping and the retailer also offers no sales tax outside New York.

Buy Roomba S9+ at Wellbots - $900 Buy Roomba S9 at Wellbots - $700

These robo-vacs do everything that the well-loved Roomba i7 series does, but they also have a few extra perks. First, you’ll probably notice that the S9 series is differently shaped than most Roombas. Instead of being completely circular, the S9 series has two squared-off edges that allow it to clean the corners of rooms better. They also have 40x the suction power of other robot vacuums, making them iRobot’s deepest cleaning vacuums yet, as well as a system that traps pollen and mold allergens.

You’ll also get iRobot’s mapping technology, which lets these vacuums map the rooms in your home as well as specific objects in those rooms. Not only does that mean you’ll be able to tell the device to go clean only your bedroom, but you can designate “keep out” zones around TVs, chairs and other objects that you don’t want the vacuum to go near. This essentially gives you much more control over where you send the Roomba and where it will actually clean.

As mentioned before, the S9+ comes with a Clean Base so the vacuum will automatically empty its bin wafter finishing a job. That ups the convenience to a whole new level, forcing you to only empty the Clean Base once every 60 days or so. But if cleaning the vacuum’s bin isn’t a chore for you, you can safely skip the Clean Bin and save some money in the process. The Roomba i7 and i7+ continue to be on sale, too, so you can save even more money if you don’t need the S9’s corner-friendly design or its special allergen-cleaning system.

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