'Fall Guys' is coming to mobile in China

Chinese entertainment company Bilibili has secured the rights.


The viral PC and PS4 game Fall Guys is getting a mobile makeover, at least in China, according to games analyst Daniel Ahmad. He tweeted that the Chinese entertainment company Bilibili has won the rights to “publish a mobile version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in China.” That’s backed up by developer Bilibili, which said it will be the exclusive agent for a mobile game called “Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout.” So far, nearly 150,000 people have made reservations for the game on iOS and Android.

Fall Guys is the viral gaming hit du jour, thanks to the cheerfully simple yet chaotic battle royale-style gameplay. It’s also frustratingly hard to win, which makes it “fun” to play and very amusing to watch. The game managed to rack up 1.5 million players after just 24 hours, and two million players on Steam in less than a week.

It’s not unusual for Chinese companies to take popular platform games like PUBG and make separate mobile versions. Fall Guys in particular seemed destined for smartphones, as the controls are relatively simple and the sessions short — ideal for gaming on the move.

In fact, rumors of a mobile version popped up recently, complete with gameplay, but Mediatonic squashed it with an amusing tweet. “a) They're literally playing a video and pretending to play it b) There's literally a mouse cursor on the screen,” the company noted. At the same time, Mediatonic has said that “we’d love to bring the game to other platforms” down the road. It has yet to confirm the news, however, and there’s no word yet on when a mobile version of Fall Guys might arrive in China or elsewhere.