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Jabra’s Elite 75t earbuds now offer personalized sound and customizable controls

A built-in hearing test optimizes sound output for your ears.


The Jabra Elite 75t and Elite Active 75t already offered high-quality audio at a palatable price, but the latest update for these true wireless earbuds adds customization options that make them even better. The update, available now, adds MySound and MyControls features to Jabra’s Sound+ app.

Jabra’s MySound is a function within the Sound+ app that customizes the audio output based on your hearing. The app runs you through a simple hearing test for each ear, asking you to tap the icon when you hear a tone. Based on the frequencies and volumes you can recognize, the app creates a personalized sound profile. This technology is a product of Jabra’s collaboration with sister company GN Hearing, a major player in the development of hearing aids for decades.

MyControls lets you remap the buttons on your earbuds. Single, double or triple pressing the button on each earbud can perform a different action. The only bad news here is that MyControls won’t allow you to use one earbud independently. Jabra has been working on adding this ability, but nixed it for now because of a poor user experience during testing.

Version 4.3 of the Sound+ app is available through the App Store. You can install the firmware update to your earbuds from within the updated Sound+ app.