JBL's first gaming microphone is the USB 'Quantum Stream'

The brand has also introduced its first true wireless earphones for gaming.


JBL has expanded its Quantum gaming line with new products, including its first USB microphone aimed at streamers and podcasters. The JBL Quantum Stream is a dual-condenser mic with two selectable voice pickup patterns. One of those patterns gives you a way to make sure the mic focuses on your voice, while the other was designed to capture everyone's voice, in case you're in a group call or recording a podcast with someone. The Quantum Stream also has a mute button and controls that allow you to adjust your voice volume directly on the device itself. It will set you back $100 when it makes its way to JBL's website and to retailers this spring.

The company has also introduced its first true wireless earbuds for the line, the JBL Quantum TWS. They have Adaptive Noise Cancelling and ambient aware features, giving them the capability to automatically adjust how much noise gets in based on your surroundings. They have JBL's QuantumSURROUND feature that enables spatial surround sound, as well, along with support for various voice assistants. The wireless earbuds can connect to a mobile device via Bluetooth, but they also come with a USB-C dongle for low latency connection to PCs, the PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch. When it comes to battery life, the earbuds can last for eight hours, with the charging case providing 16 additional hours. The earbuds will also be available this spring and will sell for $150.


Finally, JBL has added three new over-ear headsets to the line: the JBL Quantum 910, JBL Quantum 810 and JBL Quantum 610. The Quantum 910 comes with the JBL QuantumSPHERE 360, which is the brand's proprietary head-tracking technology, making it the first wireless device with the feature. Both the Quantum 910 and 810 headsets have Active Noise Cancelling and can connect to consoles, PCs and mobile via 2.4G wireless or Bluetooth. Meanwhile, the 610 only has 2.4G wireless connection, though it has the longest battery life of the three and can last for up to 40 hours. The Quantum 910 will sell for $250, the Quantum 810 for $200 and the Quantum 610 for $150 when they come out this spring.

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